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Easy Blue Cheese Dip

February 10, 2010

This is our new favorite “go-to” dip.  It’s easy to stir the onion mix and the sour cream – but this is much better and really, not that more difficult.  It is creamy, which is of course key for any dip.  But it also has tangy chunks of blue cheese and the mild onion flavor of chives.

I love the dip with potato chips.  The salty chip and dip combo is completely addicting.  We actually had this first at our friends’ holiday party (thanks Kathy and Mike!) and we had to put distance between ourselves and the dip because we just couldn’t stop eating it!  I wouldn’t make this for myself or even for just Erin and I because there is no way it wouldn’t be finished! You definitely need a group of friends to put this one back.  I guess it probably would be good with veggies too (if you are in to making it a little healthy).  I actually used light cream cheese, and you couldn’t tell it was missing 1/3 of its fat!  I think you could probably safely do the same thing with the sour cream if you wanted it to be a little more waist friendly.

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Super Chocolate Cookies

February 8, 2010

We were heading to a super bowl party and we decided to bring what else but COOKIES!  We’ve been eating pretty healthy lately, so this was quite the treat for us!  It was such a treat that we made both these and chocolate chip cookies.  I have to say, the best part of making cookies is eating the batter.  I have absolutely no self restraint when it comes to cookie batter – – I’m always left wondering why I don’t end up with many cookies!

It is hard to find a really good cookie recipe…but this one hits the spot! It’s rich without being overly sweet.  I think it would be good with nuts or coconut in it, but Erin likes them best just as we made them.  They are great right out of the oven when the chocolate chips are still ooey and gooey.  You definitely need a glass of milk to polish this one off.   Cookies and Milk – love the classic combo!

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Winter Quinoa Pilaf

February 7, 2010

We’re not vegetarian, but if we were, I think this would be a staple of our vegetarian diet.  It is really, really tasty.  It is perfect for a cold winter day.  It’s hearty and filling – what more could you want?  The currants provide a nice sweetness and a good contrast to the nuttiness of the quinoa and pine nuts.  If you are not a huge brussels sprouts fan, this recipe may convert you.

If you want to change it up with a little meat – I think this might be good with some chicken apple sausage.  Or it would make a great side for your favorite chicken, turkey… steak, pork… okay anything.

Doesn’t this make you hungry?  Oh, one more thing, don’t be shy with the salt – it brings out a buttery flavor in the dish.

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Beet and Carrot Salad

February 1, 2010

Phew, we’re back.  That was a long couple of months.  A long couple of months of overindulgence.  We’ve been way too busy stuffing our faces that we didn’t get a chance to post to the blog.  Oops! Oh well.  Now we can eat healthy and try to fit back into our clothes again.

Here is a really easy and healthy recipe as a side for any meal.  We had it with fish tacos, but really, it would be good anything.  It’s super tasty.  With just four ingredients it also a rather inexpensive dish.   And I’m not really a carrot fan, but even I like it.

The only downside is that your hands may end up a little red from the beets if you don’t use gloves… but, I promise it’s worth it.

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Fresh Peach Pie

September 14, 2009


We used to make this pie growing up and I haven’t seen (or tried) one like it since.  I’ve been telling Erin about it for years and I finally got around to buying a box of peaches to make it.  After all of the talking up of the pie that I’ve done over the years, I hoped that Erin would love it as much as I do – – – and since she’s not a huge fan of pies, I knew that the chances were slim. But surprise – she LOVED it – and now I’ve been tasked with making another one for her family before the fast approaching end of the peach season.  If you’re anywhere near large, juicy peaches, I suggest you make one too for the end of Summer!  Just make sure you have some extra hands around for the peeling of the peaches, it’s a little lonely for one person. Read more…

Lemony Risotto with Shrimp and Asparagus

September 1, 2009

Risotto in the summer?  Yes!

Lemony Risotto

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Crif Dogs

August 31, 2009

Warning:  If you’re concerned about the health of you arteries, don’t eat here.

Crif Dogs Outside

Otherwise, dig in!  This is one of our favorite places in NYC.  They have cheap, creative hot dogs that are crave worthy.  There have been numerous times that I’ve found myself craving these hot dogs.  First off, they serve bacon wrapped hot dogs.  Yes you heard me.  Bacon wrapped hot dogs.  I’m a firm believer that bacon makes everything better.  This is definitely the case with hot dogs.  Is the bacon crispy you may wonder?  Why yes, it is!  I’m assuming they toss the bacon wrapped dogs in the deep fryer to retain the crispiness.  That’s just my assumption.

crif dog art

Aside from the hot dogs and East Village vibe, Crif Dogs is the keeper of a little secret.  There is a non-descript phone booth in the place that leads to the reservation only bar PDT.  People go into the phone booth, pick up the phone to call the bar and see if they can get in.  If so, a door opens up within the phone booth that leads to the bar.  Although I’ve never been, I hear PDT serves some pretty good cocktails.  Random, yes, that you have to access it through a hot dog joint that serves cans of PBR and cheesy tater tots.  We observed that there’s a clear difference from the type of people dining at the establishment to the type of people trying to get into the secret cocktail den.  If you go, see if you pick up on it.

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