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Welcome to Brooklyn Belly!  

We are Nicole and Erin and we’re the stomachs behind this blog.  We live in, you guessed it, Brooklyn, NY and can’t imagine living anywhere else.  We have some of the best foods and restaurants at our doorstep and we don’t hesitate one minute to take advantage of them!

We met four years ago.  It didn’t take us long to realize that a big part of our relationship is food! As time went on, we starting cooking more and more.  We are both totally inspired by food blogs.  Erin is a big fan of classic, comfort foods and thinks most things (like mac n’ cheese) are better in the original form.   Nicole likes a little more variety and tends to just create a meal out of whatever we have around.  We both love sweets and ice cream – can’t go wrong there!  

Neither of us have any professional training – but that doesn’t stop us from having a lot of fun in the kitchen and around the neighborhood.  We hope you enjoy our blog!

Nicole and Erin

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