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July 15, 2013

My favorite drink for the past year has been the Paloma.  It never does me wrong.  It is nice and refreshing and easy drinking.  If the last time you had Tequila was years ago, in shot form and followed by some lime/salt combination, then I definitely recommend a Paloma to ease you back into Tequila which has quickly become my favorite alcohol.


I made this one with Don Julio Reposado which is a pretty amazing tequila.  But a Paloma is good too with Patron Silver.    Consider yourself warned, these go back easy when you are day drinking at a barbecue.  Don’t forget to eat!


2 parts Tequila (or to taste)
2 parts fresh grapefruit juice
Splash of simple syrup (or to taste)
Splash of club soda
Wedge of lime


Fill your glass with ice, add first four ingredients in order.  Squeeze the wedge of lime.  Pour contents of glass into another glass and pour back until original glass.  This is a great trick for any drink with soda.  I’m not really sure why, but it makes everything better.  Try it.  What’s one more dirty glass?

Enjoy.  Ahem.  Moderately people.  Moderately.

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