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Crif Dogs

August 31, 2009

Warning:  If you’re concerned about the health of you arteries, don’t eat here.

Crif Dogs Outside

Otherwise, dig in!  This is one of our favorite places in NYC.  They have cheap, creative hot dogs that are crave worthy.  There have been numerous times that I’ve found myself craving these hot dogs.  First off, they serve bacon wrapped hot dogs.  Yes you heard me.  Bacon wrapped hot dogs.  I’m a firm believer that bacon makes everything better.  This is definitely the case with hot dogs.  Is the bacon crispy you may wonder?  Why yes, it is!  I’m assuming they toss the bacon wrapped dogs in the deep fryer to retain the crispiness.  That’s just my assumption.

crif dog art

Aside from the hot dogs and East Village vibe, Crif Dogs is the keeper of a little secret.  There is a non-descript phone booth in the place that leads to the reservation only bar PDT.  People go into the phone booth, pick up the phone to call the bar and see if they can get in.  If so, a door opens up within the phone booth that leads to the bar.  Although I’ve never been, I hear PDT serves some pretty good cocktails.  Random, yes, that you have to access it through a hot dog joint that serves cans of PBR and cheesy tater tots.  We observed that there’s a clear difference from the type of people dining at the establishment to the type of people trying to get into the secret cocktail den.  If you go, see if you pick up on it.

Crif Dogs menu

Anyway, back to what’s important.  There are plenty of dog options here.  You can choose one of their specialty dogs or you can create your own.  My favorite choice is the Spicy Redneck.  It’s wrapped in bacon, of course, and is topped with chili, jalepenos and cole slaw.  YUM.  My next choice is the Philly Tubesteak which is a regular dog smothered in cheese and sauteed onions.  Nicole’s favorite is the Chihuahua which is bacon wrapped topped with sour cream and avocado.  We didn’t get any fries or tater tots this visit but I can recommend them from past experience.  Get the cheese though.  Like bacon, cheese makes everything better.

The Spicy Redneck and the Chihuahua:


The Philly Tubesteak:

Philly Tubesteak cropped

Crif Dogs
113 St. Marks Place between Ave. A and Ave. B

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