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Chicken Cobb Burger w/ Dill Mayonnaise

April 25, 2009

We were lucky to have a couple of hot Summer days thrown in in the beginning of our rainy Spring.  While the warm weather totally spoiled us in letting us break out into shorts in April, it also gave us an opportunity to light up the barbecue and have friends over for a Saturday lunch.  We quickly burned out on standard cheeseburgers last year, so we thought we’d start off this grilling season with something new.   Since a chicken burger can be a little bland, we added some cobb salad ingredients to the mix to flavor it up a little bit. 

Better Picture

We also made a fresh dill mayonnaise to slather on the burger.   It is really easy to add some fresh herbs to mayonnaise or butter to give it some kick and some flavor.

 So you’ll have to excuse us for not having a fantastic picture of the end product.  I was trying to capture an amazing picture once I put together my burger, but my appetite got the better end of my patience and I just dug in after only snapping a few, blurry pictures. So while normally I would say it tastes as good it looks, for this one, it will have to be it tastes as good as it sounds!


Chicken Cobb Burger with Dill Mayonnaise

Serves 4

Adapted from Bobby Flay 


4 ground chicken patties

4 buns

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

8 slices of bacon

1/4 head of Boston lettuce

2 oz Point Reyes Blue cheese

1 large tomato

1/4 red onion

1 avocado

1/2 cup of mayonnaise

 A bunch of dill


Heat up a large skillet on medium heat.  Lay your bacon in the skillet and add some freshly ground black pepper.  Cook the bacon until crisp and dry on a paper towel on plate.  Pull off 6 large pieces of lettuce and wash and dry them.  Slice a tomato into 6 large slices.  Cut your onion in half lengthwise and then, with the flat side down, cut thin semicircles.  Arrange the toppings on a serving dish.  To prepare the mayonnaise, wash and dry a large bunch of dill.  Remove any of the large stems and coarsely chop the dill.  Add mayonnaise and dill into a bowl and stir.  Add more dill to taste.  (You can also add some freshly ground black pepper and a little lemon juice for added flavor).  

Once you are ready to grill, halve your avocado and cut each half into slices.  (I waited to do this right before grilling so that the avocados wouldn’t brown while we were drinking mojitos in the sun – –  and lo and behold — I totally forgot about the avocados!)  Brush oil on both sides of the chicken patties and season them with salt and pepper.   Grill the burgers until they are golden brown on both sides and cooked through, about 5 minutes per side.  When the burgers are almost done, throw the buns on the grill over indirect heat to toast them up a bit.  Watch them carefully, as the buns can burn quite quickly.  When the burgers are done, give them one last flip and top them with blue cheese.  Place the cover on the grill and let them cook for another minute so the cheese softens (it won’t melt entirely and you don’t want to over heat the cheese otherwise it will get oily).

Top the bottom of each bun with a cheesy burger, some bacon, onion, avocado(!) , tomato, lettuce and finally with a mayonnaise slathered top bun.   Okay – so it is not really healthier than the standard cheeseburger despite the chicken substitute for the red meat — but the spread looks great for company!  


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  1. Schildknecht permalink
    May 5, 2009 6:02 pm

    This is a great way to jazz up an old favorite!

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